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Big Week at

15 Nov

“ Presents” keep bringing in the goods this week. I am very happy to say we have three completely distinct sounds coming through, starting with Who Cares (Monday, 8PM Pacific). These guys are a smooth, intelligent Hip Hop group from Sacramento, CA. On Wednesday we welcome back an old friend, Cahalen Morrison (Seattle, WA). He brings Margo Valiante (Austin, TX) with him to give us our fill of Roots and Blues. Finally, BAMM Latino welcomes Jesus Diaz y su QBA (Bay Area) on Thursday night.

As always, you can tune to all live streams at

Monday: Presents:  Who Cares (8 PM Pacific)

Who Cares strikes the pose at on Monday night.

Wednesday: Presents: Margo Valiante and Cahalen Morrison (3 PM Pacific)

Margo Valiante and Cahalen Morrison bring us back to the Roots on Wednesday

Thursday: BAMM Latino Presents: Jesús Diaz y su QBA (6 PM Pacific)

Jesús Diaz coming in for BAMM Latino. Caution: bootie shaking may occur. is a forward thinking media company that produces, edits, and distributes music-related content in the digital realm. The company’s platform will launch this March at South by Southwest. For content updates, follow us on Facebook.


This Week: EFF Pioneer Awards, Hollerado, Kelly McFarling and Geeks Uncensored

7 Nov

No time to catch our breath after last week’s content creation marathon–we’ve got a video platform to launch! is recording some pretty amazing bands every week, and after Friday’s triple header of Erin Barra, Birds and Batteries, and the media/tech talk show “Geeks Uncensored,” we’re jumping right back into the fray with four amazing shows that you won’t want to miss.

On Monday, the Electronic Frontier Foundation presents the Pioneer Awards, an annual celebration honoring the leaders on the cutting edge of technology who are defending freedom, privacy, and innovation in the digital age.  The master of ceremonies will be famed sci-fi writer and technologist Cory Doctorow (Boing Boing), who will be introducing some of the brightest minds in the tech world.  Get your tickets here for the live event at 111 Minna in San Francisco.

If discussing the future of technology is too cerebral for you, then we’ve got the perfect remedy.  On Tuesday, Canadian indie rockers Hollerado invite you to let your hair down and enjoy a rowdy good time at Studios.  Forget about the fact that these guys are self-producing videos that rival anything OK Go has ever come up with (click here to see for yourself), they are ridiculously talented, irreverent, creative, and just plain fun to listen to.  Tune into at 5:30pm (PST) for the full video stream.

On Thursday, we are thrilled to invite Kelly McFarling and her band into the studio for an intimate performance at 8pm (PST).  Here’s what you need to know about Kelly: she has an a-maaaaaazing voice, ranging from delicate whispers to thunderous, melodic bellows; her band is top notch, featuring some of the great musicians from acts like Con Brio and Sioux City Kid; and whereas most singer/songwriter projects are built around acoustic guitar, Kelly prefers banjo.  The combination of these influences creates a very distinctive style that is all her own.  For those who are on the lookout for emerging acts in the Bay Area, this is definitely one to watch.  As always, you can check out the live stream at, or if you’re in the neighborhood you can join the audience at Studios (BYOB).

Rounding out the week is another episode of “Geeks Uncensored,” featuring the Russian duet of Ana Hilinsky and Anna Anisin.  The topic for this week’s show is a closely guarded secret and subject to several international treaties, but given the huge success of last week’s interviews with Daniel Brusilovsky (serial entrepreneur and TechCrunch contributor) and LA Lassek (women in tech advocate and promoter) you can bet that the next episode is going to be hot–and we mean that in every sense of the word.